Drill Pipe

We can supply various drill pipes that meet with API SPEC 5DP, drill pipes can be customzied as customers requests, different type of tool joints.

Non-dig drill pipe is a tool applicable for transferring torque and tension of drillers in the process of directional drilling construction. Due to the fact that it has to bear torsion, tension, bending, friction and vibration in the process of directional construction, the requirements for processing process are very strict.


1. Superior-quality pipe& advanced heat treatment process, high strength &high toughness(especially under low temperature)
2. Smooth and long upset transition area & strong hard banding-extended product life
3.To meet or exceed requirements of the API 5DP,API 7
4. Equipment with advanced inspection instruments and a strictly quality controlling system, the final products are guaranteed to be of superior and stable quality


DrilL Pipe Specification:

Non-Dig DrilL Pipe Specification:

Mechanical Parameters: